Winter Cycling Challenge Season 2

Terms and Conditions


1. Each participant need to fill out our registration form by providing details as required including Email ID, phone number etc.

2. This is a virtual challenge. Riders can participate anywhere in the world.

3. Weekly champions are selected from the Weekly Strava Leader Board.

4. Participants are responsible for their own safety and belongings. Kannur cycling Club and event organisers will not be responsible in any way for losses/injuries caused to the participants during the course of this event.

5. Participants must be a registered STRAVA user and application shall be installed in the mobile phone. The entire event is tracked using the STRAVA application. The registration ID shall be submitted during the registration.

6. Manual entry of ride data in the STRAVA app is not allowed and will be removed. Participant will be disqualified in case any type of ride data manipulation found.

7. Abnormal ride data will be analysed by a panel of experts and will be removed accordingly.

8. The STRAVA ride details in the mobile phones or wearable devices must be saved/synched on the day of the ride itself.

9. The participant shall not use the STRAVA ride details of the Winter Cycling Challenge Season 2 in partial or full to participate in any other similar challenges or competetions conducted in the Kannur district. If found using, the participant will be removed from the challenge and cannot claim any certificates, medals etc.

10. All the participants shall verify their ride details and score in the website LEADER BOARD daily. Incase of any discripensies found please contact Kannur Cycling Club in the contact number provided.

11. We are following a semi-automatic method of ride data updation from STRAVA. Ride details upto time 23:59:59 on previous day will be published in the Leaderboard by 8:00am daily.

12. We have created a whatsapp group and a STRAVA CLUB named WCCS2. Participants are requested to join the whatsapp group and STRAVA Club once they receives the invitation from the admins.


1. Participants must follow Covid-19 protocols issued by the local authories time to time. Participent shall be sole responsible for any issues related non compliance of Covid-19 protocols issued by authorities. In case any such incident of non-compliance of local Covid-19 protocols the candidate will be removed from the event.

2. In the current pandemic sitiuation Kannur Cycling Club do not recomment group rides. Avoid riding in groups more than 5 members.

Declaration by the Participant

I, hereby state as follows:

I am fully competent to understand this consent form; and I and my successors and assigns or any person claiming under me agree with and undertake the above.

That the information about me at the time of registration is true and correct as per records and to the best of my knowledge. In the event it any information is found to be false, I understand that the participant can be automatically disqualified at any stage and that the registration fees paid shall stand forfeited and further that the participant shall not be entitled to any medal/certificate and in the event any such award or recognition is already conferred then the same is liable to be withdrawn.

I shall be solely responsible for my conduct and behaviour during the event. I understand that in the event of any act by the participant including indiscipline/ misbehaviour, violation of safety rules, etc, the organisers reserve the right to remove the participant together with any person accompanying the participant from the venue.

I understand the nature of the Event and I am aware of the risks involved in participating in this Event. Iam aware and understand that the Club has not given any warranties (expressed or implied) about including but not limited to, the safety and fitness of use of the goods, equipment and facilities being used for the Event and that any warranty in this regard has been disclaimed.

I accept that taking part in this event contains certain inherent risks. I agree to participate in the Event entirely at my own risk and accept that the event organizers are not liable to me for any loss, damage, claim, expense, injury or accidents which may arise during the course of the Event, in any manner whatsoever. I will participate in the Event with care and attention and abide by the instructions of the Club, its personnel and any other authorised representative designated by the Club. I remain solely responsible for my own property and actions

The Club or any of its affiliates, contractors or sponsors of the Event, will not be responsible for my death or any loss, injury or damage which I may sustain during the Event.

I understand the importance of intimating the Club of any medical or special needs which may restrict my participation in the Event. I confirm that I have no such medical or special needs and I am fully capable of participating in the Event.

I am in good health and have no medical condition, which may in any way interfere with my ability to participate in the Event and my participation in the Event will not affect my good health and well being.

I agree that the event being an outdoor event is subject to vagaries of weather and while the organisers would endeavor to conduct the event under as per schedule, in the event of bad weather, poor ground conditions, reasons of Act of God or for any other unforeseen reason and/or in the interest of health and safety and well being of all participants, preventing the organisers from organising the event, then I agree that the organisers shall have complete discretion and I shall not hold the organisers responsible for any loss, damages, etc, arising out of such non-conduct/cancellation of the event.

I will not hold the management/organization responsible if the event is postponed/cancelled due to the order of the government/authorities due to any political, social, economic or any other matter over which the management/organization have no control. If the event is postponed/canceled due to a situation beyond the control of the management, the participant can either participate on the new date or opt for transfer of the registration to the next event organized by Kannur Cycling Club. If the event is postponed / cancelled due to a situation beyond the control of the management, the participant cannot cancel the registration and demand a refund of the registration fee.

Once the registration is completed, no refund will be made for cancellation of the registration for any reason or for non-appearance on the event.

I understand that any and all photographs, motion pictures, recordings, and/or likenesses of me captured during the event, its affiliated entities or contractors, and/or the media become the sole property of the club. I grant the right, permission and authority to Kannur Cycling Club and its designees to use my name and any such photographs, motion pictures, recordings, and/or likenesses for any legitimate purpose, including but not limited to promoting, advertising, and marketing activities. I further understand that Kannur Cycling Club and its designees have the full right to sell and/or profit from the commercial use of such photographs, motion pictures, recordings, and/or likenesses.

I have read and accepted all the rules and regulations, as also detailed on Kannur Cycling Club website and as updated from time to time. I understand that the organisers reserve the right to change rules, regulations, event conditions and I accept that the organisers decision shall be final and binding in respect of all matters concerning the event.

I confirm that I have read and understood the contents of this declaration and I hereby confirm my participation and I hereby agree to indemnify and hold harmless the organisers at all times.

Accept Decline