Kannur Cycling Club is the premier registered cycling club in Kannur. Considering the newly emerged special interest in the society about cycling and related activities, we can see a clear gap in the kannur fraternity in cycling. We fills the gap. Eventhough the District sports council and Kannur Cycling Association doing their work at their best, there was no one to take rider level initiative. KCC is addressing this issue in Kannur.

We got many independent cycling groups in Kannur and they are unorganised in functioning. KCC targests to bonding them to achieve the benefits to society. The Airport Inauguration Event idea was conceived in the minds of KCC master brains and become un precedence event in Kannur. But the event has exposed the necessity of a professional club for cycling in Kannur. SO THE KANNUR CYCLING CLUB HAS BORN.

We at KCC understand that, apart fom publicity and media attraction for the position holders cycling in Kannur demands more action from these clubs. We are here to support the cycle enthusiast in Kannur to get their goals. By actively involving with higher bodies like District Sports Council and Kannur Cycling Association we are bringing the change. By acting beyond the bounderies of politics, religion and gender.

KCC acts in multifaced manner. We would like act as a hub in case of lifestyle cycling. Local groups are riding locally and the club will be coordinating, inspire and monitor them. In professional cycling club will be promote the riders by helping them financially, technically, and our goal is to mould a world champion from Kannur. Managing Professional cycling is a challenge in places like Kannur since there is no basic infrastructure in place. KCC is closely associating with higher bodies like sports council and Distric Cycling Associations to bring modern infrastructure to the distric

Ride to work is another area we are focusing. here we bring cycling to gain sustainable short term benefits which helps environment, nature, finance and health. We pressure the authorities to get cycling infrastructure in city like cycle paths, chain rentals etc.