The official Cycling Club of Kannur

Registered under socities registration act 1969.

About Us

Kannur Cycling Club, KCC is an association of bicycle enthusiasts in and around of Kannur district. The growth from a small group of bicycle riders to a 200+ member group was in no time ...


A club with maximum membership in the city, The participation shows the acceptness of our cycling activites.


The basic operation style of KCC is conducting Events. The Club is growing by conducting events related with diffrent aspects of social life in Kannur

Contact Us

Our registered office is located at Payyambalam, Kannur.


Go through our video gallary.

Ride for Healthy Food.

Mr Mir Muhammed Ali IAS.

KCC on TedX.

Bicycle Day Celebrations.

Kannur Vision @Payyambalam Cleaning

24 X 7 @Payyambalam Cleaning